Saturday, 29 December 2012

Google is courting iOS developers

In a new advertising campaign, Google will attempt to recruit more iOS developers. Google Apps for iOS are very popular. The search giant wants to make use of the campaign to ensure that its offerings for iOS in the future be in even greater demand.
Google has started a new advertising campaign in the iOS developer will be asked to work for the search engine giant. The recently released iOS app for Google Maps was an instant success.
"Do cool things that matter"
The name of the campaign is "do cool things that matter." This is understood Google improve existing iOS apps such as YouTube, Google Maps, Chrome, Search, Gmail, etc. It turns out that Google has its own development team, which is working on iOS apps. Especially since Apple has reduced the scope of information provided by Google Apps greatly, Google is interested in iOS back stronger foothold.
The Google Apps are essential for general assessment better than Apple. Now Google is trying to reinforce this tendency by more iOS developers are recruited.
iOS developers can now apply to Google
A click on the campaign logo you get to a page that explains what it is to "do cool things that matter" is all about. In addition, a list of job opportunities for the iOS development team is cost.
Here is a statement from the iOS developer of the page:
"It's great fun. Many people have the wrong idea and believe that we are only our Google products for iOS copy-pastes. But we have much more freedom during the development process and try to create innovations that go far beyond anything that Google made so far. "

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Nokia tablet to get the cover with keyboard | New Technology

Nokia tablet to get the cover with keyboard | New Technology
As it became known earlier, Nokia is still preparing its own Nokia tablet computer running Windows RT. Now the publication The Verge provide additional details about the product, the tablet will receive the USB ports and HDMI, 10,1-inch display, as well as support for cellular networks.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

ALMA correlator: Highest supercomputer in the world is like from astronomy data | New Technology

5000 meters above sea level, mountainous region of the Andes in northern Chile with the ALMA correlator one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world has been built and successfully tested.
ALMA correlator: Highest supercomputer in the world is like from astronomy data | New Technology

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Liberostore, protests users

The Samsung Galaxy S3 protagonist of a new case in online sales? It would seem so, at least according to reports from some users who have purchased the device Liberostore (the proposal was that we reviewed, without any responsibility) and that, after almost a month after 'order still fail to get news on the status of your shipment, or of any reimbursement.
The "victims", in particular, complain feedback from the dealer often conflicting with each other, the impossibility of having precise answers on the order for the Samsung Galaxy S3. As was the case with the case involving the Samsung Galaxy S3 Euronet Computer, we may always enjoy the benefit of the doubt, at least until the counterparty will not tell her, without prejudice to what is the discomfort of different users, who do not yet know the a lot of expense.