Sunday, 2 December 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Liberostore, protests users

The Samsung Galaxy S3 protagonist of a new case in online sales? It would seem so, at least according to reports from some users who have purchased the device Liberostore (the proposal was that we reviewed, without any responsibility) and that, after almost a month after 'order still fail to get news on the status of your shipment, or of any reimbursement.
The "victims", in particular, complain feedback from the dealer often conflicting with each other, the impossibility of having precise answers on the order for the Samsung Galaxy S3. As was the case with the case involving the Samsung Galaxy S3 Euronet Computer, we may always enjoy the benefit of the doubt, at least until the counterparty will not tell her, without prejudice to what is the discomfort of different users, who do not yet know the a lot of expense.

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