Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Roskomnadzor Google made in the register of banned sites, and then removed it from there

Soon will come a day, which is well-known to us all the sites will not be left without attention Roskomnadzor. After Lurkmorya, Librusek, "Vkontakte" and "rutrekere" in the register of banned sites got IP, owned by Google. What came of it - read on.

LiveJournal users nick ntv recently discovered that the IP-address to search Google for pictures was banned. Thus, some users sometimes experienced some problems with the operation of the service, as long as Roskomnadzor not admitted their mistake and removed the site from the banned list. According to the official position of the national regulator, the incident involved in the failure of a technical nature which have occurred recently in the system. Although entry into the register of banned sites IP-address of one of the services Google has not caused much indignation on the part of users, as there was a few people that have arisen because of the difficulty of access, the fact that the "black list" can get service even Google, can not but alarm the usual, nothing innocent users.

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