Monday, 29 October 2012

iPhone 5 could not stop Samsung

The new iPhone 5 for all its innovation, could greatly impress potential buyers. In any case, the main sales of a competing product - Samsung Galaxy S III after the announcement of the new iPhone is not only not decreased, but increased.
As the resource CNET senior product manager for Samsung's U.S. division Kevin Pekinhem, four of the five most successful in terms of sales weeks for Samsung Galaxy S III occurred in the time after the announcement of the Apple iPhone 5.Kevin Pekinhem suggests that people just expect them to show the same Apple, after the announcement disappointed and thought it best not to buy the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III. "I was shocked by the increase in sales and thought, what the hell is going on?" - Said in an interview with a representative of Samsung. While Kevin Pekinhem not give specific figures.
Recall that before the announcement of the iPhone 5 Implementation of Samsung devices for the first time in the history of exceeding sales of smart phones Apple. Then analysts attribute this to the loss of interest in the old model to the new presentation.In its advertising Korean company has repeatedly drawn the attention of potential customers to the benefits of its flagship smartphone before the iPhone 5. First, in a scandalous poster "does not need to be a genius," and then in television advertising, where people standing in line for the new iPhone had hoped that Apple sells Galaxy S III features in the next generation iPhone, as iPhone 5 they do not exist.
By the way, iPhone 5 not only disappoint some buyers, but also investors. After the announcement of iPhone 5 Apple value per share decreased from 702 to 604 dollars. Thus, the market value of the company for the month decreased by about 12%.

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