Monday, 29 October 2012

Video: Light and compact DVR JIO DV-301

Before us is a small, very light, compact video recorder in a neat plastic case - JIO DV-301. The front panel peephole camera with a 1.3 megapixel camera and the ability to shoot in HD or even FullHD quality. LEDs on the sides. Lights activated by briefly pressing the power button on the right side. There is a slot for memory cards up to 32 gigabytes. At the top end, and HDMI-out connector mini-USB. The first is useful to remove the video from the device directly to the TV, and the second is needed to connect to a power outlet or computer. The back panel is mainly engaged in the LCD-display diagonal of 2.7 inches. On each side - two rows of keys.
In the presence of the memory card in the device starts recording immediately turned into the cigarette lighter. Stop or restart it by pressing the OK key. Press the "M" switch modes: photo, video, or playback. After selecting the desired mode, configure it on your own. For this is the middle button in the left lane. Photo mode can, for example, to choose the level of quality, image resolution, the level of ISO, color and so on. In the video we also have the opportunity to select the image resolution from QVGA up to FullHD. True, the highest resolution is achieved by interpolation, which is a manufacturer and does not hide. But at 720p camera shoots without interpolation. For the convenience of finding the right pieces can be shot in short cycles of 1, 2 or 3 minutes. You can manually adjust the exposure: a dark object - two stages, too light - 2. At the request of the motion sensor is activated. Sound recording, date and time stamp, the sound of buttons - all activated as needed. The desired file with a single click can be protected from being overwritten.
Recorder attached quite comfortably. Sucker is well fixed on the glass. There are two mounting options registrar: screw and magnetic. You can then align the device with the two rotary mechanisms. Better to keep the device connected to the cigarette lighter. Standalone battery recorder works, but not for long: about half an hour. As for the video quality, the picture is quite clear on the output, number of machines to distinguish if there is lights, the quality is good and at night. Viewing angle of 120 degrees is enough to fix the picture on the roadway. Written video in AVI. For example, a 3-minute piece, shot in the highest quality weighs 470 MB. As the capacity of the card the old files are replaced with new ones. The device is quite balanced and good value for money in 2690 rubles more than justified.

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