Saturday, 27 October 2012

Opinion Mail.Ru on Alienware M17x r3: powerful game "Alien"

Impressions of the Dell Alienware M17x laptop were only positive. Minor flaws in the form of a glossy screen and the absence of normal autonomy could not spoil the experience. This notebook is designed for home to play it in the game, so portability require him, at least, has no meaning. With its main objective laptop copes fine. It can play all the coolest games at the moment, which means that the Alienware M17x gaming success as a good model. Great disorder, however, for those who like games will be his price, it is from 80 thousand to 100 thousand rubles, depending on the configuration. At the same time, build a desktop with similar characteristics can be for far less money. So, there could solve customers have a stylish cool and expensive laptop or a great gaming desktop.
For the opportunity to play on a laptop in Skyrim and Crisis 2 should thank Intel Core i7 processor and graphics card NVIDIA GTX 580M. And taking into account that a huge screen in a laptop, you can imagine that the thrill of the game as pleasant, that one can get on a laptop. Happy and the large number of ports, because it means that the laptop can be used not only for games, but as a media center. Disappointed with a small hard drive, but it is easily fixable, if you buy another hard drive, or simply initially choose other characteristics laptop. Personally, I liked the laptop, a laptop as a desktop that does not have to rearrange it was good. I think he will like gamers who love to play on computers and fashion do not spare money for the design and performance.
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