Saturday, 10 November 2012

Money transfers from one card to the phone number!

Taking care of the comfort of clients, Sberbank of Russia offers its ability to transfer funds from your mobile phone.
Imagine now, in order to transfer money, you do not need to know the number of the card recipient and do not need to visit a bank branch, you can do it at work, college, cottage or during leisure travel - in short, everywhere, where you will be mobile.
Before using the service, make sure that you and the recipient of a payment service user "Mobile bank" Sberbank of Russia. All you need to do when using a promising new type of translation - is to send SMS-message to the number 900, and specify in the message recipient's phone number and amount of payment in rubles.
The request must be:
where 9XXXXXXXXX - the phone number of the recipient in the 10-digit format
500 - the amount of transfer (from 1 to 8,000 rubles.)
In answer to your question bank will send SMS-message confirmation of the transfer, which contains details of the operation - this step will allow you to ensure that the transfer will be carried out correctly and the money will go to the card recipient.
Example shown:
For transfer of 500 rubles. from the card to the card recipient VISA4242 Ivan S. send code # 4425 to number 900.
After checking all the details you need only send an SMS with a verification code operation, and in a few minutes on the map tools will be a loved one in need of your help. As the notification you will receive the following:
VISA4242: transfer in the amount of 500 rubles. map Ivan S. successful.
In addition to the standard use of translation services (via SMS) you can install a mobile application "Sberbank SHC @ dh" for the iPhone and iPad, which among other options supported by remittances.
Do not miss the opportunity to become a member of Sberbank of new services to help improve your life and make it easier and more comfortable. Now, thanks to this unique service in the financial market, you can forget about time spent on visiting the bank and transfer the money in two clicks!
More information about the service and how to connect can be found on the website
OJSC "Sberbank of Russia". License by the Bank of Russia № 1481 from 08.08.2012 year.

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