Thursday, 15 November 2012

Steven Sinofsky blew presentation from "read my blog yet!"

Shortly after Steven Sinofsky was released at Microsoft, the talk is about him, as expected, louder and louder. Now, rumors have surfaced showing that Sinofsky, president of Windows earlier, has visited several times not to presentations and instead has had to explain, but people should read his blog.
Steven Sinofsky dismissal had his reasons

Even if for most people to dismiss Sinofsky was a surprise, Microsoft must have something in mind yes. As can be seen now is rumors, Sinofsky was probably never a real "team player". Instead, he had to burst even rows presentations and events on the ground that the people need only read his blog, they want updates.

Of course this is not behavior that may occur with an international company. On the contrary, because it is in the phase where is the U.S. company just bad review is like poison. He also is said to have events always leave earlier than colleagues. "Short answer questions, and he was gone." Says a former employee Sinofskys.
Scott Forstall & Steven Sinofsky

Of interest is that both Forstall, who worked at Apple, and Sinofsky were released at the same time. Remains to be seen whether or not other people into your business like behaviors in the day. If it did, we would see in the future a lot of layoffs.

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